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On this page you will get the instructions how to add

photos. and at the page below you should do it.

For adding pictures insert the data

as described below to the page below

then press "Sign in".


then a new page will appear

 press" Add photos then a new page

 will appear"

then select album to add photos to,

or create a new album by entering it's

name and then press select. a new

page will appear: g

press "browse" and find the picture

you want to add on your computer,

then press open. This way you can

add more photos at the same page

by making the same step to the

photo 2 and 3 etc. g

How to see photos that have been added

To see the pictures that have been added click here, to see the picture in full size, you must sign in as described above, or just press "sign in" after you reach the link and insert the name and password as described above

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